Life Is Just for Loving

Life Is Just for Loving – Love Blogs for Cynthia Schloss

(Cynthia Schloss April 12, 1948 – February 25) 1999)

Part 1: Why are we generally afraid to say, “I love you” unless it is in the context of “romantic love” or in some family relationships?

Andrew LUE ( a FB friend) says:

“I only say “I love you” to close family and friends. I do not say those words casually or to individuals in general. Therefore, there is no risk or fear of being misinterpreted on my part. Because I am married, I do not flirt or make passes at anyone except my wife…. Only Deity has unconditional love, Bro… I don’t believe us mortals can love unconditionally; no matter how much you love your wife, if that love is not reciprocated, it can die. It will die very quickly if there is hurt, abuse, infidelity….

I think one is more likely to forgive children’s mistakes, no matter what their age is… but even that has its limits. A wayward child can surely be shunned if their behaviour is chronic enough; we are taught to always forgive. Can we forgive someone who has hurt us badly and also find it in our hearts to love them as well?”

My take: As I see it, Andrew is positing that as broken, frail human beings, we cannot truly love without selfish motives; we cannot “love unconditionally”.

What is your take?


[© [P] 1979 -Errol D. Bean]

To LOVE …is to forgive;

To FORGIVE …is to care;

To CARE …is to share;

To SHARE …is to touch;

To TOUCH…is to heal;

To HEAL …is to mend;

To MEND …is to join –


Love Byte:

“Is love more complex than the mind can conceive

and much more intriguing than the senses can perceive?”

©[P] 2001 Errol D. Bean – “Love Bytes”

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